March 2011

Mountain Pine Beetle News – March 25th, 2011

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Steamboat Springs — The mountain pine beetle killed more trees in Routt County than anywhere else in Colorado in recent years, the results of annual aerial surveys show. Of the 1.16 million impacted acres across the state, 245,000 of them are in Routt County, according to the aerial research conducted in 2008 by the U.S. and Colorado State forest services. Jackson County is a close second with 234,620 impacted acres. Statewide, the surveys revealed 400,000 acres where mountain pine beetle had [full article]

White Pine Threatened at Yellowstone: Part 6 (last) The Mountain Pine Beetle

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The mountain pine beetle has co-evolved with some pines. A native insect it likely moved north along with its host pines as the trees colonized the Rocky Mountains. The mountain pine beetle is unique; it belongs to the relatively small group of “aggressive” bark beetles that must kill their host to reproduce successfully. To do so, the bark beetles make a hole in the tree bark, all the way to the phloem layer (the tissue that carries nutrients to the various parts of the tree)—the part [full article]