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HomeAdvisor links service businesses to the customer in the way of leads.  Contractors are pre-screened for contractor licenses and insurance as well as criminal and financial issues.  There is no charge to homeowners to use the service. Homeowners choose a category that matches their home improvement need, enter their zip code and answer a couple of questions about their project.  Service Magic presents three or four quotes from different contractors who are best suited for the project.  Member contractors are charged fees of $7 to $50 per lead referral, depending on the type of job.  The site also includes articles and features on home-related topics.

Why Contractors Should Check out HomeAdvisor

When you join you will fill out a profile with  information such as: business overview, personal photo, photos of work, logo, expertise  and many other pieces of content so the customer can get as much information about your company.

You also have the power to let Service Magic  know what work you do and where you will be looking for your leads.  This makes it so you will only get leads within your region and for the work you do. Don’t narrow too much though or you will waste your time.

To be successful on Service Magic you have to:

  • Fill out your profile to the best of your ability.
  • keep updating everything within the site such as new leads, messages, account information, and posting new deals.
  • Have at least a 4.5 rating under rating and have many great reviews.
  • Have a system that allows you to convert the majority of leads into customers.
  • Use Service Magics’ email feature to send customers a request for review.

Following the above steps is easy assuming you do good work because many customers will give you a good review.

But if your work is below par Service Magic will only exacerbate your problem by showing it to all your potential customers.  Your rating is an extremely important part of your customers decision to work with you so it is in your best interest to keep this as high as possible.

Service Magic provide resources which include many well written blogs giving you great ideas on how to do all your marketing better.  These blogs really keep it simple and make it easy for you to find the answers you need.  If you make an effort to to keep updated and read or watch the postings for an hour a week your ability to market your business is sure to improve quickly.

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An extra service they provide is their web sites that they create for you.  Although Service Magic does charge an extra fee for the site they  look good and make it easy for you to add/edit your content.  If you don’t have a way to build a site for yourself this service may be for you.

Many companies do not know how to market their service and rely on Service Magic to  do nearly everything such as  find leads, find information, and make their website, which for many companies is their whole marketing strategy.  There is no shame in this because Service Magic does all these functions extremely well allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Other companies may use Service Magic to:

  • Supplement their leads.
  • Find more leads for expansion.
  • Find extra leads when business is slow.

A down side to Service Magic is that it is not considered one of the more trusted home improvement directories but actually is second to last according to a new study by San Fransisco Chronicle.  Take a look at the article here.

Customers Point of view:

If your a business using Service Magic it is important for you to understand how the average customer uses the site so you can service them better.

For the customer, Service Magic is a great way to find a company that is trusted by  the people they service and who is licensed and insured to do the work properly.  For them, the service is completely free putting the costs on the businesses, making it so there is no risk for the customer to use it.

When a customer goes through Service Magic they go through a short process that lets Service Magic know exactly what the consumer needs done.  They proceed to sell the lead to a vendor they feel could do the work well.  The consumer can look at the businesses profile and rating to decide which company to use.

Most homeowners will look at the bid and/or the ratings to decide which company to go with. This makes your rating an extremely important part when turning your leads into customers.

Service Magic is great for any company that is:

  • licensed and insured.
  • can do their work well without complaints by customers.
  • Looking for easy leads.
  • Willing to spend some money on leads.

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