Improved Pine Beetle Outlook for Wind Cave National Park

Black Hills, S.D. –

photo showing a wildfire-burned area at Wind Cave National Park, SD
burned area at Wind Cave National Park, SD

It’s been about five weeks since the prescribed burn at Wind Cave National Park was swept up by high winds and became a wildfire.Eric Allen is the fire management officer for Wind Cave National Park and admits that although the burn didn’t go as planned, he says that as far as the park’s ecology is concerned, the burn is not a setback.
Aside from reducing the fuel in the area, the blaze also served as a way to manage the mountain pine beetle infestation.

Allen says the less dense the trees are the less food the pine beetle has.
Looking at the area now, although the fire did not go the way officials intended it, there is a silver lining in what was not too long ago a cloud of smoke.

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