Pine Beetle Infests Alberta’s Jasper National Park

Pine Beetle Infests Alberta's Jasper National Park - Mountain Pine Beetle Treatment blog
via CBC News

Jasper National Park could face ‘change in landscape’ due to mountain pine beetle infestation
Parks Canada approves plan to stop pine beetle ‘epidemic’

from CBC News:

Faced with increasing losses of millions of trees being killed by the dramatic spread of the mountain pine beetle, Jasper National Park has come up with a new plan to halt the beetle’s infestation.

A new management plan was released July 22 after a tripling of the beetle population in the park over the past two years.

“I’m astounded at how quickly and rapidly the beetle has affected the pine forest through these valleys,” said Keith McClain, the program lead for the mountain pine beetle ecology program at the Foothills research institute in Hinton.

Just a couple of years ago park officials were only counting individual trees attacked by the beetle. The insect causes its devastation by burrowing under the tree bark and stops the flow of nutrients.

Parks Canada believes large swaths of the forest have been affected, with an estimated 21,568 hectares of lodgepole pines killed by its invasion.

“Jasper is facing a change in the landscape, from nice green pine stands to red pine stands,” said McClain.

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