Pine Beetle Spraying Has 99% Success Rate

Larimer County’s decimated pine forests leave little doubt that pesticide application are the only way to safeguard your tree.

Think about some options for a second.

Pheremones are under study but unproven in epidemic areas. Larimer county is in a mountain pine beetle epidemic.

Good cultural practices promote vigorous pine trees which can resist pitch tubes. Yet, few think about prevention, right or wrong.

Removing dead and diseased pines trees help. It won’t secure a mature pine to the left of your bay window that frames your view perfectly.

  • Facts:
  • Bark beetle hit ponderosa pine ten fold in 2010.
  • 181,000 acres of pine forest were affected in 2010.
  • Larimer County was harder hit then any other county in Colorado

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Mountain pine beetle infestation in 2010 took hundreds of thousands of acres of ponderosa and lodgepole pine trees in the high county and foothills of Larimer County.

  • Towns hardest hit :
  • Cameron Pass
  • Drake
  • Fort Collins
  • Red Feather Lakes

Crystal Lakes and Glacier View are two HOA’s in western Larimer County that our arborists study./

“We’ve seen 99 percent success rate in Estes, here (Glacier View HOA) and Denver, ” said Jeff Disler, Plant Health Care Consultant.

Permethrin is safer to the environment with a 99 percent success in preventing pine beetles. Carbaryl was favored at Rocky Mountain National Park and other national parks. In tests carbaryl does provide greater two season control then permethrin.

If you have lodgepole pines, the beetle “only” affected 367,000 acres of lodgepole pines, down from 398,00 acres in 2009.

When you are reviewing treatment options, know that they work. Find a qualified tree service, ask good questions and save money.

Tips for saving money:

+ Ask good questions,. Here’s one. Is your tree service a licensed pesticide applicator?
Ask that and establish you know something and talked to other vendors.

+ Get three bids. Prices range between $7 and $40 per tree, according to estimators. On average expect $10 to $12 down to $7 in stands of 50 trees.

+ Good arborists are good money savers. If you spend $5,000 or more on arborist care and tree removal, don’t price shop only. No need to spray if the vendor does it all wrong.

+ Multiple trees slashes your spraying cost substantially.

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