Tree Spraying Mountain Pine Beetles

In April several tree services in Colorado, will be tree spraying for mountain pine beetle continuing through June.

When hiring a beetle spraying company, make sure they are registered applicators in the state of Colorado. Please take time to verify their credentials, as wildlife, water quality and soil quality all depend on making the right decision.

Tree Services Cost Calculator

One thing we’ve noticed about tree services is that the costing can be surprising to a new customer.  So we’ve developed a tree services cost calculator for you to get ball park estimates on how much tree removal, tree spraying or trimming costs.

Feedback will be appreciated and we have back-loaded the update schedule so you should see rapid improvements as we gauge what exactly you need in a tree service cost calculation. Thanks in advance for trying it out.


Other IPS Beetle and Ash Borer Notes

A major threat to ash, spruce and pine trees are the ash borer and ips beetles. We group these together because the spraying regimen is nearly identical so you can save money by having ash and spruce trees sprayed at the same time. These nasty little insects tear your lovely tree to pieces leaving only a skeleton in its place.

Fortunately, this can be prevented by using a protective spray, that stops the beetles from destroying your tree.

Unfortunately, if you decide not to lay down a protective spray and your tree becomes infected your local arborist will not be able to help you and your tree will become a victim of the beetles. This is because there is currently no protective sprays that defend against a tree already infested by ips or ash borer beetles.

If you own one of these tree kinds of trees there are many reasons why laying down a protective spray could be right for you! People do tree preservation for the following reasons,

  1. Aesthetic Appeal – These insects attack trees that may provide a certain beauty to many homes that can’t be replaced for many years.
  2. Cost savings- depending on the size and location of your tree having it cut down and removing the stump can cost thousands of dollars.
  3. Protect your home and property- A tree that has been attacked by these insects is a standing corpse that is hazardous. This is because it could easily fall or catch on fire risking the surrounding property.
  4. Prevent infestation- If your tree is not sprayed it can become home to thousands of insects that spread to other trees in the area causing massive tree loss.
  5. Ugly scars- If your tree is infected it can be left with large open woods in the trunk or large branches being killed off. Ruining the trees natural appeal and leaving a disfigured tree in its wake.

Ips beetles in Colorado and ash borer beetles usually attack newly planted or distressed trees that have root damage.

So if your tree is less-than-perfect, then an application of a preventative insecticide is the only way to be 100% percent sure the the tree will not become infested.

Keep in mind that most urban spruce and ash trees are degraded in some way.

Tree spraying when done by qualified professionals is completely safe and will not harm the tree, surrounding plants, ground water or your family. This is simply not true when unqualified professionals and amateurs do the job.

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